life and death in a Haiti update

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Jeremiah is back!! 
(happy dance going on here!)

He left behind a finished playset for the kiddo's at Christian Light to enjoy...

He also was able to bring the supplies to our kiddo's at Have Faith Haiti Mission and timed it perfectly to celebrate with Louvenson on his 10th birthday! I cannot even tell you how much it means to us to be able to stay in close contact with these children and remain a part of their lives.

And then, on Saturday, as I was writing this paragraph to update you about about our friend, Moise, that we had mentioned in our newsletter back in update you with a praise report that she had been released from the TB clinic with a clean bill of health...Jeremiah called me and told me that she had passed away, suddenly.

I was in the middle of the paragraph telling you of her good news. I even had a picture of her coming over with her husband to rejoice with Jim and Debbie...

Can't you just see the excitement exuding from them!
I was literally writing this praise update. 

I was rejoicing with them. 

I was thinking about how believers had pulled together to get her help and in the TB clinic. I know so many people who are cynical about the church, but I am over and over blown away by the beauty of the body of Christ.

I was thinking about how Jim was able to lead Moise and her husband to the Lord and how they are now living entirely new lives and was writing to ask you to keep them in your prayers as they grow and mature in their faith.

And then I got that call. 
That changed everything about this update.

Now, I am asking you to pray for her husband who mourns.

But, also, I am asking you to rejoice with me...

Rejoice that Moise came to know Jesus and she is now experiencing the ultimate healing!
Rejoice that Moise's husband will mourn...but not as one without hope! And not as one without the support of the body of Christ!

A playground,
some orphanage supplies, 
being a part of a 10 year olds birthday party,
hosting a medical clinic that brought in a struggling couple that led to their divine healing...

Thank you for being a part of what we are doing,
Thank you for praying. 
Thank you to those who partner with us and support us,
and Thank you for rejoicing with us.


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Mya Briggs said...

Looks fun! God is good all the time.