tbt - Birds of a Feather

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**This TBT hails from March 2011. This is one of those completely self-indulgent posts as I just love remembering our beloved farm and those three tiny chubby toddlers that once upon a time lived with me. My apologies =) **

Every spring we have a pair of geese return to our pond. They make a nest along the bank of the pond and feast on the abundance of the spring onions and weeds around our yard.

One year we were even lucky enough to have a gaggle of the cutest little goslings you ever did see. And by cute goslings, I'm not talking about these goslings.

The kids desperately want to make friends with them. Desperately.

We have tried to tell our crew that running after the geese scares the bejeezes out of our feathery friends and doesn't bode well for their future relationships. Even if they just want to "pet" them. Even if they bring stale bread and rolls from the pantry.

Only Ella ever actually makes it close enough. You can see how the geese just love the attention.

Nevertheless, the kids continue to make their attempts at friendship. Every single day.

At least they have each other (and the stale rolls that the geese rejected) for consolation.

Please note the following points in the above picture:

1) Ella is holding Eli's hand. Be still my beating heart.
2) Ella is wearing one of her newest spring outfit, um...creations.
3) They are all munching on the stale rolls that were designated for the geese.
4) They were rejected...but obviously not defeated. Go team Hambrick!
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