2, 14, and a confession

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So, you see...we were supposed to have been in Raleigh the last few days. Instead #ohEzra was visited by the stomach bug fairy. Since we are selfish and didn't want to share we canceled our trip. Bummer not to see the friends we were hoping to catch up with, but I won't lie, the extra few days to be home have been nice. Since we have, ya know, just a few things coming up on our radar...

2 days till Jeremiah leaves for La Finca, Costa Rica. He will be working with CLF missionaries Mark and Meg Kuzdas, who have been working in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua for the past 12 years. 

14 days till we leave for our Summer in Haiti! I woke up this morning absolutely giddy with excitement. And then realized that I had a lot to do to get ready and only had one full day left with my hubby home with me to get them done. So then I made my list and spent the afternoon getting the bulk of our supplies together. Whew, that was close.

Unfortunately, my brain doesn't seem to be responding well to all this excitement. I went grocery shopping late one evening this past week and got home, walked inside, and went to bed...only to remember the next morning that all of my groceries were still inside the car. 

Frozen popsicles are really overrated.

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