thursday thoughts

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The week has flown by and Jeremiah is getting on the plane as I write this to begin his flight home. 

We haven't gotten to talk much this week, but the little I've heard from him sounds like it has been a great week! I'm sure there will be more details to come as I learn more about this new partnership.

I got all these serious looking pictures of him with adults...and then this one =)
We've managed to stay busy and have some fun while he was gone, fitting in a few play dates, swimming days, and my first official I-think-my-child-might-have-broken-his-leg moment. 

Thankfully, it was just a moment, and not a reality. This time. 

Ella and Ellie, creating some kind of code or story.

Check out our newest beautiful niece, Elora Faith, born this week to Jeremiah's sister, Addie...

Be still, my beating ovaries.

Happy Thursday!
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my ovaries are totally unresponsive to babies anymore. Not even a glimmer. but I love checking in on you guys every once in awhile to see what you're up to. :) glad you escaped the leg break. I was not so lucky this summer. :)