one day they'll know

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Amidst, the flurry of packing and planning that was our weekend, we did manage to squeeze in some time to celebrate the #1 Dad in our lives. 

My kid's don't even know how good they have it with their crazy amazing Daddy. They just believe that every Dad is as involved, interested, engaged, playful, loving, leading, reading, and inclined to stick asparagus up their nose as their Dad is. What? Doesn't every Dad do that?!?!

They might not get the depth of the awesomeness of their Daddy just yet.

But, I know one day, they will.

(And he will humbly accept their gratitude in gift cards and steak dinners.) 

Kidding, kidding.

And he will humbly point them to their heavenly Father, who is infinitely more crazy amazing.

Cause that's just the kind of Dad he is.

**Pray for him as he flew out today to share Jesus and build a partnership with long term missionaries Mark and Meg Kuzdas in Costa Rica.**

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