The cram. Or Three in One. Or Photo Overload.

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Technically, Summer is three months.
However, for us this year, our Summer "break" is one month.
(The countdown for Haiti is on...15 days!)

And let me tell you, we have been cramming the fun into this blur of a month called June.
Just crammin' it in.
We are fitting an entire three months worth of Summer fun into one month.

That's just how we Hambrick's like to roll.

My apologies for the photo overload that is about to happen.

Not really. I know the real reason anyone comes to my blog anymore is to look at pictures of my cute kiddo's...

Camping weekend at Philpott Lake with good friends from NC.

Little Wesley wasn't so sure he was into the whole camping thing. Give him time...

Yeah, so I feel like this one needs some explanin' with it. We had an air mattress that we had patched to death and decided to donate it to the fun on the lake. Because nothing says redneck like wraslin' on an air mattress in the middle of a lake. 

Wesley did agree that the lake was pretty fun.

Playing with our favorite Hart friends before we enjoy the lake.

And that, folks, is how you do the first 17 days of June.

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