the mice will play

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Confession time.

When Jeremiah is out of town/country, we do things, well...a little bit differently.

Cereal is a justifiable dinner choice.
You can sleep in Dad's spot.
And, well...bedtimes get re-arranged a bit.

I'm a much more fun Mom when he is gone.

I worry less about what has to get done and just sit down and watch that movie with them.
One more book? Sure!
Ohh, lets stay up late and watch American Ninja Warrior!
Yoga pants for days!
And really, who needs to wash/fix their hair every day?!

I think I actually accept that I can't do it all and I don't try.
I raise up the white flag and then give it a big hug.

I realize this might sound as though we are glad when Jeremiah is gone...but, au contraire, that is NOT the case. We would ALWAYS prefer Daddy be around. However, we love and support what he is doing and we have simply learned to make the best of the time while he is away.

And maybe, just a tiny bit of me is glad not to shave my legs.
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