A Haitian Wedding Tale

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I was invited to a Haitian wedding a few weekends ago, and, for someone who is pretty well versed in the American wedding industry, it was like nothing I've ever seen before...

Some of the decorations: this section was the front of the church where the brides and grooms sat.
Yes. Plural. As in, more than one.

We showed up "on time" for the wedding, which actually started several hours later.
I think that's pretty much the norm for weddings here as no one seemed fazed by the late start.
This beautiful little gal was making the most of her waiting and resting in the shad.

Finally, the processional starts! And it goes and goes and goes and goes. The bridesmaids and groomsmen did a choreographed dance s-l-o-w-l-y down the aisle.

Yes, she was beautiful. But, no, she was NOT one of the brides.
Yeah, I was fooled too.
Apparently, its customary to dress up in your finest (including veil and flowers if you have them) to attend a wedding.

"Pretend bride" number 4. Turns out there were 2 real bride and grooms.
This is pretty typical, I learned, as it is more economical to split the costs of a wedding.
Makes sense to me, but I'm pretty sure its not a trend that will catch on in the States.

The groom with the maid of honor.
Or mother of the bride.
Or mother of the groom.
Not sure.
But I do know he was the groom.

One of the brides, waiting for her turn to walk down the aisle,
sharing a sweet little moment with Pico, who walked her down the aisle.

There is NO rushing the processional here. They take their time.

The other groom saying his vows.
I loved how his son was looking up at him the whole time.

One of the happy couples.
Don't worry, they really were happy.
 It's not customary to smile for a photo in Haiti.

Finally, my favorite part...they all loaded up in a tap-tap and drove off into the sunset.
Or down the street to celebrate.

Congratulations, happy couples!

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