thursday thoughts: here we go again!

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Oh man, what a week. What a week. Inhale. Exhale.

90% packed up. It's always that last 10% that gets me.

Kids are bouncing off the walls in their excitement. Well, all but Ezra, who has decided that he would add Lyme's disease to our life rather than the broken leg of last week. Because, why not?! #ohezra (I'll not turn down any prayers offered up for his quick and full recovery!)

I struck up a conversation with the lady checking me out at Wal-Mart this week and the subject came up about our upcoming trip. She told me that I was "brave" and I had to laugh. Inside my head, of course. Or not. I totally sputtered my laugh in her face. And then I explained that I am not in the least bit brave. Stupid, perhaps. Not brave.

But I have full confidence in the One who is worth trusting and the call He has placed on our life.

And so, we leap...

I love this picture of Eli, who is my hero when it comes to taking great leaps of faith!

Catch ya'll on the flip-side!

Happy Thursday!
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jrsreagan said...

I pray that you guys have an amazing trip! When did Ezra get bitten? I hope he heals quickly!!