thursday thoughts: New Peeps, Haiti, and Lymes Disease

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It's been a big week.

First off, I gained a new adorable nephew yesterday!
Welcome to the family Gideon Samuel Johnson...

My proud niece, Ava, holding baby brother Gideon.

Secondly, we made it to Haiti!

Our travel went smooth and we hit the ground running as we came in the same day as a team of 20 from the west Florida/Alabama area. We've had a fun learning curve and are figuring things out...and probably will be until we head back home, ha!

This team has been working with several local pastors, missionaries, and local churches providing orphan care and construction. They have an eclectic mix of people on the team...from lifetime missionaries, to construction workers, farmers, a few high school students, and a retired 82 year old couple that is putting me to shame with their energy! I'm immune to any excuse given after watching her pour cement at 82 years old!

The kids are settling in and loving being reunited with a few of their Haitian friends and some of their Via cousins here at Our House of Hope. We head to our Have Faith Haiti Mission this weekend and I think our kids might self-combust with excitement over seeing their friends again!

Every day Ezra is perking up more and more. I've had a lot of people ask how I "knew" it was Lymes and what his symptoms were, and so I thought I'd write out our experience:

I have a dear friend who went through a debilitating year(s) of fighting Lymes and because of that it has been on my radar. I think if that was not the case I would have just chalked his symptoms up to just a severe virus and not gone for testing and treatment. Ezra had several tick bites in June, a few of them got red and irritated, but none of them had the bulls-eye rash. After the last 2 bites he developed a fever, joint pain, and extreme fatigue. We took him into the doctor and had blood work done and started the treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment is the difference between Lymes Disease being an inconveniencing illness verses a debilitating disease. Only 20% of the cases of Lymes present with the bulls-eye rash, so don't depend on that as the definitive sign.

I haven't taken any pictures yet this week. Sad, I know. I'll get better at that.

And now, I'm off to figure out a meal plan for the next 6 weeks...

Happy Thursday!!!
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Briana said...

Thank goodness for that friend! 😉 love and prayers!