thursday thoughts

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I am not gonna lie to you: I'm tired and perhaps a bit cranky this morning as I write this. Don't feel like I should admit that, but I like to keep it real.

But as any busy momma knows, life doesn't stop because I'm tired or cranky. It just keeps moving on. Good thing, too. Life keeps going and I am praying to re-position my feelings behind my great Sustainer and what he has for me today.

Jeremiah is out with the three big kiddo's working with one of our Haitian pastors and I am grateful for a few minutes to sip an extra cup of coffee and snuggle with the Zoob and get caught up on a few things around our room.

Yes, I said our room.



 All 6 of us are sharing one bedroom & bathroom this summer. Everyone is doing pretty stinking amazing considering the challenges that come with sharing one room and bathroom. The only exception is in the romance department,, ain't nobody got time for that anyways down here, ha!

My cooking skills are dramatically improving. At least in the department of cooking for large crowds. Not exactly finess cooking, but I can fill you up.

Bettine's smile makes me smile...

One of the small teams staying with us this week is a group of photographers and videographers working with Feed One and Convoy of Hope. It is their first trip to Haiti. They are uber cool and make me feel old, but I have so enjoyed talking with them and am trying to absorb their energy. Remember the day that you could stay up till the wee hours of the morning and work all day and still have time to be crazy. Yeah, me either.

I  can't wait to see their work that comes out of this trip.

And now, for those things that needed catching up on...

Happy Thursday!

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