Haiti, week two: In pictures

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Whew, that went by fast!

Week two has come and gone, we all are feeling more settled, everyone is healthy and thriving, and as always...life is never dull here.

Jeremiah spends any and every down minute fixing or working on something.

Eli and Sasha. I think he may try to fit her in his carry-on to bring her back with us. Think she will fit?!

Sophie and Dafka, two of the best playmates my kiddo's could ever ask for.

Ezra likes to stay cool by making homemade icee's.

Visiting our buddies and fellow RFBC missionaries, Reese and Amber.

Family walk after dinner one night. Once again, Zoe missed the memo to smile.

One of our Haitian church plants in Bon Repo.
This building also houses a school and it is slated to be our next site for a playground!

Two ladies from our Bethel Baptist team visiting the Bon Repo school. They are the perfect example of the beauty of long-term relationships in international ministry...they truly "do life" together with their friends here in Haiti and are united in caring for the people. 

Um, I'm pretty sure I can't do any of these math problems I saw on display at the school. 

I needn't worry...this guy could do them for me.

On Saturday I got to attend my first Haitian wedding.
More to come on that experience later, but for now...just a few photos from the day.

Our HFHM kiddo's celebrated their end of school with a big cook-out and celebration!
I was graciously allowed to help fix the meal and was given my share of pointers on fixing some Haitian dishes in the future.

One of my favorite Haitian dishes is their beet potato salad. It doesn't look very appetizing, but I think it's super yummy.

Their community way of cooking is just beautiful. And fun. Lots of fun.

Ella and Samanza were in charge of face-painting.

Eli decided that face painting isn't just for girls.

Ella got to experience her first "tap-tap" ride this week as she joined up with the World Reach team to work out in the Croix du Bouquet area for the day. 

Of course, squeezed in between all the pictures is the reality of laundry, runs to the hardware and food markets, keeping the House of Hope operating, school lessons fit where we can, and meeting the needs of our four kiddo's. We are finding deep joy in serving together as a family and again (I know, I know, I sound like a broken record!) I am continuously overwhelmed with the grace the Lord extends me every day.

I'll never get over it and I never want to.

As always, thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us.


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Erin Snyder said...

Love this!! Looks like yall are having a blast! It's great to see pictures of you too! :) PS Tell your kids to stop growing. I feel like every update all of them have grown 6 inches...and Zoe not smiling always makes me smile! :) Praying for you guys!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures! You look so happy! Glad you get to spend the summer there and praying that all goes well.