Haiti, Week One: In Pictures

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We are only one week in and I am already amazed at what the Lord has graciously allowed us to be a part of...

Kids and games. Lots and lots of games.

A reality picture: Can you find Zoe next to the small mountains of laundry waiting to be dealt with?!

Dinner time!

Sending out our team to go back to America.

Reuniting with friends.

My heart was so happy to see all my little readers still reading a long.

I love how Francise's eyes just sparkle.

Gaggle of giggling girls. 

Ella got in some kitchen re-painting action while visiting the HFH Mission.

And, of course, Jeremiah got in on some silliness action.
I've written before how much I love our life, our "job", but this week especially I am so thankful that despite my inadequacies, the Lord lets me be a part of His work around the world.

Being here, seeing the needs, hearing the stories, seeing firsthand how the Lord is regenerating lives...it makes me want to want less and give more. Want less of the stuff to make my life more comfortable and give more of myself, give more of my love, my finances, my time. My life here on earth is but a breath and I am in awe of the depth of joy that comes with acknowledging that my best life is yet to come! 

Perhaps the Lord is prompting you to give to the ministry of Until The Whole World Knows?! If everyone who read this blog gave a one time gift or signed up for a monthly commitment it would go a long way towards furthering the Kingdom work we are a part of!

 If so find and click on the "support us" button at the top of this page.

There are many needs and I cannot even explain the joy that comes with giving to His work. 

Thank you to those who pray, who love us, and who support us.
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