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Despite all the great (and very appreciated!) gifts I got this Christmas, there are a lot of things in life that no amount of money can buy:

1- Getting up earlier than everyone in the family, making a cup of coffee, and spending quality, uninterrupted time with the Lord
2- The feeling you get after you go running
3- A husband who tells me that I look most beautiful when I wake up in the morning with no make up on and my hair all a mess - never mind that I am wearing a spit-up stained t-shirt to round out the look!
4- Healthy Children
5- A friend who calls you just to see how your day went
6- The feeling you get after you do something you know the Lord wanted you to do - even when you absolutely didn't want to do it
7- Pulling on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and not only can you button them, but you don't have any "stuff" hanging over the top
8- Getting both kids down for a nap at the same time!
9- The feeling of having a nice, clean, and organized home
10- Being silly with your kids and messing up that nice, clean, and organized home
11- Knowing you have people in your life who "get you"
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Hey Jen, this is a great New Year's blog. I especially like #3 and 11. I hope all is well on the right coast. You'll have to check out a few of our pics from the zoo on our blog. Tell everyone I said hey and I hope the Bible study is going well

Tasha Via said...

Priceless, for sure=) Thanks for the info. this morning. I think I'm headed in the right direction. Did you find the batteries??


just got back from world holiday travels and got your xmas letter showing you have joined the blogging world! this makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (add some more "o's") happy because i can sneak online at work and keep up with my bestest friend of all times! (because we both know i'm horrible at communicating in normal ways).

anyway, our blog is so please make me one of your "blog friends". ok, sorry for an incredibly long post. you and your family look GREAT! so great to see pictures. Post some more of Ezra! oh we need to get together sometime! we left Roanoke the day after xmas...sad we missed you. ok sorry again for the long "comment" this turned into more of a story that doesn't make sense when read together. oh well. LOVE YOU!