Updated List of Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

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I've continued the list I started earlier:

1) It's just going by so fast! (you have no idea how relieved I am that it is for one of us)

2) Cankles are sexy.

3) You kind of remind me of a weeble. (you know...I wobble but I don't fall down)

4) You don't look like you are going to make it to August!

5) Oh, you have to go thru the hot summer months. (If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this one...)

6) Now, are we sure it's not twins?!

7) You must be carrying a girl...you've got bags under your eyes.

8) I just knew it was a girl...you're carrying all over.

9) Do you really think you should be eating that?

10) My best friends sisters co-workers second cousin is due when you are and she is barely even showing.

Smile and nod.
Smile and nod.
Smile and nod.

Any others you'd like to add to the list?
Or any clever replies that I could give? (Briana...don't fail me now)
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Number one idiotic thing to say to a pregnant woman: You look like you're gonna pop!" It's disgusting, rude and I've had it said to me when I still had two or three months.

Briana said...

let me see if i can help you...

for #1) I'm glad you thinks so, i assume then you wouldn't mind carrying her the rest of the time?

2)yes, if you're blind

3)I was just going to say that about you!

4)(see # 3 response)

5)yea, i'm forming a support group of people willing to fan me and feed me grapes, can i put your name down?

6)what's that supposed to mean? (said with innocent and indignant expression)

7)(said in overly sweet voice) Awww, that's the sweetest thing anyones said to me all week! (ha, take that)

8)All over what?

9)no, but the baby insists.

10)She's probably faking it.


Maybe to the cankles comment you could say:

"That's right, they are sexy...I assume that's why you have them all the time, right?"

May not be the most Christ-like, but I think they'll get the point, lol.

I feel your pain, only thankfully, I can't understand most of what they say to me still here ;)

Renae said...

My favorite is..."You look miserable!!" Especially when you don't FEEL miserable....yet;)

How about after the baby is born: Someone saw me in public and said, "When in the world are you going to have this baby?" Tears, tears, tears....

Kelly Via said...

Did you carry this big last time?

You know it's perfectly okay for pregnant ladies to exercise during pregnancy.

When I was pregnant, I only gained 15 pounds. How much have you gained?

Oh, eating for two are we?

Lynne said...

Are you coming( preg.) or going( post- preg)? I was pass post preg. That is why I wait a very long... time before I ask if someone is expecting.

Kristal said...

It's gonna be soon...you're nose is spreading! (although, they tell me that is only when you are having a boy--so maybe you will avoid that one this time!)

Thanks Briana - I knew I could count on you =)!!

Haha, this is great! Don't ever come to Turkey if you're pregnant though. People here are brutal. I'm a little over 3 months pregnant, and I hear all.the.time. that I look about 7 months pregnant. I also get yelled at, yes yelled at by strangers, for carrying Vienna or exercising. People are very quick to share their opinions on everything. I apparently should not smell flowers while I'm pregnant (?) or eat strawberries because they will give my baby birthmarks. Yes, I agree, I just smile and nod a lot :)