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I started feeling sick Monday afternoon. Right after Ella and I built a gingerbread house and I took this picture. You can see it if you look close enough. You can also see Ella downing her hot chocolate. Makes me smile.

By dinnertime I was stay in bed and pull the covers over my head level sick.

Now, those of you with children understand that when your child get sick its bad enough. When Momma gets sick its badder.

(When Daddy gets sick...well we, um, we don't need to go there.)

Sickness has a way of throwing your day into survival mode. Suddenly it doesn't matter how many cartoons the kids watch. They want three granola bars in a row? No biggie. Lets call it lunch. And have a fourth one for dessert. Pajama-rama all day long. Oh, Ezra took your toy? Suck it up and get over it.

Kidding on that last part. Maybe?

Thankfully I have a husband of other-worldly abilities and he seamlessly took over once he got home from work. And treated the kids to a fun-filled Daddy day yesterday that included watching Christmas movies and eating sugar cookies in the worlds biggest fort ever.

Yeah. Someone has to be the fun one.

Here's to feeling better today and resuming my role as master and commander.

Or maybe I should milk it for one more day and actually get to enjoy laying around in bed?
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Renae said...

This may sound reeeeaaallly stupid...but having 6 kids under 11(that I homeschool)..I have actually prayed for a tiny little "bug", just so I could get some SLEEP!!!! Praying you feel better very soon:)!

Jennifer said...

Glad your awesome hubby stepped in and you were able to get some R&R.

Welcome Back, Master and Commander!

Kelly Via said...

No, not kidding about the last part.

I'm glad you are feeling better, and that Jeremiah has super fort building, cookie eating abilities!!

Love the "when daddy gets sick" part...we definitely do not need to go there because I know exactly where you (and I) would go with that! ;-)