Flashback Friday: The Wuggie Norple Story

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I first discovered this book a decade ago, reading it to my little brother, Ben. I remember laughing so hard that we nearly fell off the couch.

It's about this family (Dad: Lunchbox Louie; Mom: Bigfoot the Chipmunk; Son: King Waffle). Every day Lunchbox Louie walks down the hill to Thumderbolt City, where he works as a whistle fixer. While he's at work, Bigfoot the Chipmunk chops up onions for supper and King Waffle hits a big rock with a little hammer. In the evenings, Lunchbox Louie brings King Waffle a present. Well, one day, Louie brough home a tiny orange kitten named Wuggie Norple. And...

We'll, I can't really remember exactly the rest of the book...but, I know some of the other characters in the book included:

Papercup Mixmaster

Exploding Poptart
Freckleface Chilibean
Laughing Gas Alligator

Have any of you ever read this?

I went looking to find it this year as a birthday present for Ben, and was so saddened to find out that it is out of print. Sure, I can buy it off of Ebay for $100...can't quite justify that.

Also, unfortunately, Durham County Library doesn't carry it. Oh well.

If you ever need a good gift idea for me...now you know =)

What are some of your favorite childhood books?
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