VBS...day one

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Tonight kicked off Grey Stone's vacation bible school. Let me just say, they know how to do VBS the right way. My favorite part...the free meals every night =)

Ella was so excited to go to "ace-ion school" all day. Ezra was exited too, I'm sure. Ella walked off without a backward glance tonight into her class...and I caught a glimpse of my little girl growing up.

This year is exciting for me because Jeremiah decided to do the youth VBS at a separate week later this summer. Meaning, he gets to go with us, eat dinner with us, etc. I usually don't see him at all the whole week of VBS...so, I was all for this new schedule.

When I went to pick Ella up tonight, she just looked at me and did a weird excited bird-like scream. And then proceeded to jump and shriek her way over to me. She was just a bit wound up.

Poor Ezra wasn't so excited about all the activities. Actually, Sundays are just hard for him. He missed his morning nap. Then his afternoon nap was cut short in order to make it back tonight on time. His normal bedtime is 7:30pm and VBS doesn't end till 8:30pm...needless to say, he was done =)

It should be a fun week!
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Tasha Via said...

What a fun week as a WHOLE FAMILY! Yeah=) I'm so glad Ella's is enjoying to so much. Congrats on the newest additions to the family.