VBS...last day

Friday night was the finale...complete with a musical extraordinare. Ella was all about the music. And the dancing. It didn't seem to bother her that the only ones dancing were her buddy, Kerri, and herself. They were too cute. My favorite part was when she and Kerri decided it would be more fun to attempt a somersault on the stage =)

Ezra enjoyed watching the performance...for at least 10 minutes. Then he was content to chew on the back of the pew and Jeremiah's keys.

Man, did we have a blast this week...but, we are ALL so wiped out! They have been sleeping champs all weekend.


Kelly Via said...

I have enjoyed following your VBS days all week long! I am so glad that Ella had such a great time! VBS was one thing that I do think I will miss at Journey. It is a lot of fun! I loved directing it too, even though it was a LOT of work!! I don't know where I would find the time to do that now...

Tasha Via said...

I have loved keeping up with the VBS adventure too! What a great experience for Ella=)

Michaella said...

Yeah, leave it to the pastors' kids! : ) They were too cute! BTW - after my first attempt at the whole CVS thing last night . . . I'm totally addicted! It's like a game. I saved $9.00 off my total purchase, paid $20 for the stuff I bought, and received $14 extra bucks for it all. Basically, I got 16 rolls of paper towels and 2 Coppertone face sticks for $6. Not too bad!! Can't wait for the next CVS trip : ) Thanks for introducing me! I also signed up for the grocery game, but I think that it will take a couple of weeks to really start working.


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