Mommy Movie Night

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Jeremiah had a student event tonight, so it was just me and the kids.

We made the most of it and a movie. Ella ate 4 whole pieces. Wow! Ezra came in a close second at 1/2 a piece. The movie of choice...Finding Nemo. Still good, even after watching it 200 times. Ezra seemed to like it too and would laugh when Nemo came onto the screen. Although, he seemed much more interested in crawling in and out of the tent I set up in the playroom =)

Have I mentioned before that I love being a mom?
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mommajeane said...

Your heart for your family must come from your genes... because I love being your momma and a mommy too. I see that big smile on dear Ella's face. It is so good to see them on your blog... especially while we are in Ukraine. Warms our heart and makes us smile to see the pics of the "grandest" little ones. Lots of Ukraine love and kisses from nana and paw paw.

Kelly Via said...

You are a great mommy too, so its good that you love to do what you do! Pizza nights are the best! We just had one Last night!! Ella beat Cana in the pizza eating contest...but I bet Cana could take her if she wanted to.