You learn something new every day...

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Today I had my first experience calling poison control.

Yes, it was for Ella.

She decided it would be fun to eat her tube of tinkerbell toothpaste. Not the entire tube, thankfully, or else we'd have really been in trouble.

However, until today I had no idea that the "sodium fluoride" in toothpaste is toxic to children.

Go read it on the back of your tube of toothpaste:

"If any amount of toothpaste is swallowed, more than used for brushing, immediately contact your health care provider or poison control."

Of course, I looked up what sodium fluoride can do to children. Scary things.

Hmm...and they market this with bubble gum flavoring and cartoon characters on the outside?

We were fortunate that she didn't eat enough to have any cause for concern. We were just told to have her drink some extra milk.

Oh Ella, if it's not stitches, it's swallowing coins or eating toxic substances...this girl is really going to keep us on our toes =)
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the broomes said...

I just recently had my first experience of calling poison control as well...VERY scary!!! Anna Bell found some little pellets of weed n feed in the yard and ate it!!! Fred had put it down two weeks earlier and the stuff still hadn't totally dissolved. I was sooo scared! Thankfully, she hadn't ingested enough either and we just kept close watch on her for a few hours! Aghhh! you know, some kids have no desire to put foreign substances in their mouths....not my kids- that's the first place anything new goes!

Kelly Via said...

Oh so sorry, Jenn! That little Ella loves to get into some messes, doesn't she? Oh, boy oh boy what our girls will get into in the days and years ahead. Can you imagine thier powers combined...then add all the other little cousins that are to come? Whew! But, boy they are so fun, aren't they?

Tasha Via said...

OH man, sorry Jenn. Glad she'll be fine though. I don't know why they'd even market that stuff like that!!!