VBS...day three

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As I was walking down the hall to pick Ella up from her classroom last night, 3 different people stopped me to say, "sorry, but Ella has not stopped eating tonight...good luck getting her to bed!"


I look into her classroom and sure enough, Ella is sitting at the table, eating, with her back to me. She turns around and the entire lower half of her face is covered in frosting and sprinkles. Usually she is running to me as soon as she glimpses me standing in the doorway.


She just turns back around and keeps eating her cupcake.

Here's what else she ate:

LOTS of fruit loops (that were supposed to go onto a necklace)
A WHOLE thing of cotton candy
Gummy bears
Kool-aid - full strength (she never gets even full strength juice at home!)
and thats all I know about =)

And, of course that was after she all but licked her plate clean of her lasagna and salad at dinner.

She went to bed fine.
But, her tummy has been...shall we say "unsettled" today.
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