You are at risk...

Of losing coolness points if you walk around the house with an unaware diaper stuck to your bottom!

Shhh...don't tell anyone =)


Tasha Via said...

Was that for real??? That's too funny!! HA!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Yes, he had no idea until I pulled it off =)

Jeremullet said...

No, I knew all along. I was just testing Jenn. She passed.

mommajeane said...

I love it... all the kids still think you are cool though... You did not drop from that pedestal here just for a diaper on your butt.

Deb H said...

ohh your guys are so cute!!

diaper and all!!

you will always be my cool sugar bear! ;-)

love you


Kelly Via said...

It doesn't quite fit, and you have it on inside out....

Nice though...Jenn, I'm so glad you had the camera handy for this one.


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