I could do this...

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Handle three kids, that is.

We've had Ella's best buddy from Grey Stone here all weekend. Kerri and Ella are the same age and couldn't be more opposite in personalities...but they get along great!

I think Kerri brings out the acrobat in Ella.
Ella brings out the artist in Kerri.

Jeremiah and I decided tonight that adding another child into the mix really wasn't such a big deal. Maybe people really are telling me the truth when they say that it is easier adjusting to having the third child verses adjusting to the first and second one.

Those of you that have more than two...care to give your opinion?

Don't get too excited grandparents...we're not making any changes to our family size just yet =)
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Heather said...

I'm too tired to give my opinion. hahahaha

Heather said...

o.k. so I was just kidding about my comment. Some ways harder, most of the time there's no difference. Except you have to start counting them to make sure you don't lose anyone.

I think the toddler stage is harder, but there's older ones to help out. Also there are more eyes on the look out.

Overall, I love it!

mommajeane said...

I think that going from 1 to 2 kids is more of adjustment than from 2 to 3...After that it did not matter and now we are way out of hand :) :)but loving our lives and so grateful for each one of you.

Well...my 3 are still pretty little and quite close together in age. I think it's hardest when they *all* need something at once (the logistics of trying to eat out are a close second). But I feel such a sense of peace with 3 and I would agree that going 1-2 is A LOT harder than going 2-3!!!

Deb H said...

well...Addie and I were just talking about this and thought it was about time for another one! After all your "baby" is not a baby anymore...but a toddler!
:-) I only had the 2, but if there were one thing in my life that I could change that would be it! ;-) keep thinkin! ;-)

Love you!

We found this to be very true. The adjustment to two is just that...now there is two. But having the 3rd, 4th & 5th only added fun and excitment to the family. So let's get with it.

mommajeane said...

Isn't it funny tht all of the grandparents commented on this post...

My number 3 was a breeze for sure. He's so go with the flow. The hardest thing for me to adjust to was not having enough hands to make one trip. But now with number 4 on the way, I have some great helpers...although sometimes the help is unwanted!!