From Poppyseed to Pumpkin: Rutebaga Week

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I've never knowingly eaten a rutabaga in my life. I didn't even know what one looked like until I looked it up just now. But apparently my little baby is approximately the weight (1 1/2 lbs) of an average one.

She is starting to lose her lean look and pack on some fat these next few weeks. The baby, not me...silly. That happened to me several weeks ago. And she is developing her taste buds this week. Fascinating.

I am feeling about normal. Nothing new to report. Still having numerous braxton hicks contractions throughout the day and still taking my weekly progesterone shots. Everything that is supposed to be closed up is still closed up. According to the doctors office, I have gained 15lbs so far...which is right about where I was at this point with the others.

No cravings to report. If anything I have seen a big decrease in my appetite as my stomach to uterus ratio continues to diminish. I'm still sleeping relatively good although it is getting harder and harder to turn over at night and Jeremiah is enjoying himself a little too much at my expense trying to imitate the sounds I emit while turning over. I am also learning how handy it is to have a willing 5, 4, and 3 year old at my bidding to pick up anything I drop. Who knew?!

This weekend holds The Great Room Re-Arrangement and Toy Purge of 2011 in our house. Also known as giving into the nesting urge. I'll be sure to document this riveting event for you.

And, without further ado...She has a name now:

Zoe Elizabeth

No, I am not asking for your opinion on her name. Unless it's a good one.
And yes, I am aware that we are breaking the E streak. We have our reasons. (Which may or may not be stated at a later date.)

Only 15 more weeks to go. Bring it!

** I just noticed all the fingerprints on my mirror in this picture. Geesh, who is the housekeeper around this place?!**
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Kathleen said...

Rutabaga is one of my favorites!

Allyson said...

Such a beautiful name!

Jennifer said...

Love the name...and you're not fully breaking the streak, her middle is "E"!

That's hilarious! If we were going to have a girl (we're still waiting to find out for sure what the baby is) that's one of the names we would have considered (that exact name...Zoe Elizabeth b/c Elizabeth is my middle name)! Ha! Such a great name :) So excited for you guys!

Tasha Via said...

And you are looking as gorgeous as always!:)

Absolutely love the name!

Andalee said...
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Megan said...

Wow! How did I miss that you were pregnant? I saw you last weekend at Easter and I didn't even notice. I feel terrible. Well, here is a belated congratulations. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Oh and I am glad I found your blog today! I've really enjoyed reading it!

Megan *Adam's fiancé*

Susan said...

I like the name! :)

meredith said...

Love the name. My only niece is named Zoe Elizabeth :)

the broomes said...

LOVE the name-- it's beautiful!!! ...And you look wonderful- all that's showing is a little baby bump:)

Love it! :)

C and M said...

Love her name, although I was secretly hoping her name would be Rutabaga : )
and you are looking great BTW : )

RJ Thornton said...