Another farm discovery...

One of my favorite books as a teenager (remember Cheney Duval, Briana and Molly?) mentioned a certain type of grapes, called muscadines.

I always had this image in my head of what they looked like and tasted like...

When we moved to the farm we knew we had a grape arbor in the backyard, but didn't know what kind. This spring and summer we have watched and watched them...but they didn't look like any we had ever seen before.

We finally got a chance to ask the original owners of the house...and they told us they were muscadines.

They are perfectly ripe now...and the kids (especially Ella) absolutely love eating them. You don't eat the just kind of "pop" the insides into your mouth.


Deb H said...

ohhh I want some of those!! They look good! Can you make jelly with them? or freeze them for later if you have too many to eat now? hmmm You are having fun there on the farm girl!! Reminds me of the cabin!

Briana said...

no way?! my neighbor had those growing up and we used to eat them but i had no idea that's what they were. crazy! and Cheney blast from the past. ;)

Kelly Via said...

Yum Yum, sounds like another day of fun at the Hambrick farm!!

Tim said...

We had these in my backyard. Great ammo for a slingshot - or for the occasion snack, whichever was needed at the moment.


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