Come on people!

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I have spent A LOT of hours the past two weeks disputing charges with some of our bill companies:

  1. Verizon charged us for several long distance calls that we never made
  2. The electric company charged us for 2 security lights that I had disconnected over 2 months ago
  3. AT&T charged us for seven 411 calls made from my cell phone last month...that we never made!
  4. The doctors office "forgot" to submit a bill to the insurance company...and just sent it straight to us.
  5. Direct TV charged us 2x's for the same pay-per-view movie.

Now, I am always careful to read over every bill we get...but still, it makes me wonder how many false charges get paid by people all the time?

Kinda scary, huh.
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Tasha Via said...

That def. makes me want to double check all my bills!!! Sorry Jenn.

Oh I know! What I always think about is little old people that don't want to fight or question and they pay for stuff when they can't!

I had the SAME thing happen to me this week with the OBGYN and insurance company. BOth said, Oh, that shouldn't have happened, we'll take care of that...gee thanks!