four is less than six, the cold, and adventures in humbling

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I've had the 2 extra kids that I nanny for the last three working days. It went great (as they really and truly are the best kids ever!) but I am always amazed at how "easy" things feel when I go back to my normal four.

Who'd have ever thought I'd say four was easy?!

Oh my, it's been a wee bit cold here this week. Especially for North Carolina.
I am of the opinion that if it is going to be this cold it had better snow.

No matter the temperature, we always go outside for at least 15 minutes. Today we bundled up and I took the kids down the road to the park for 14 minutes and 36 seconds. I, of course, bundled the kids up, and forgot to bundle myself up. I couldn't bear the thought of those last 24 seconds and so we hightailed it early to the van.

It was worth it.
It always is.

Here are the kids before they attempt to race each other down the hill and fall and cry and have their tears freeze to their faces...

That might be a slight exaggeration.
About the tears freezing.
Not about the falling and crying.

The only one who didn't complain about the cold was Zoe. And I think it was because she was just so happy to be able to run free. We had just come from CVS where she had thrown a huge-embarrassing-oh-my-goodness-you-are-not-my-child kind of fit because I wouldn't let her walk. And I only wouldn't let her walk because I was carrying 2 gallons of milk and a pack of diapers and couldn't keep her from running away from me. Or from destroying their end cap displays.

Parenting is so humbling.

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