Better Together

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I am so stinkin' excited to finally be able to write about what is happening at our church. I am pretty terrible at keeping things quiet...

I love my church.
For all of you ministry folks out there, you will understand this next statement: I would go to my church even if we weren't on staff there.

Baptism at Jordan Lake, September 2012

I feel as though it is a breath of fresh air...simple, focused, honest, accepting, and all about Jesus.

Starting in two weeks we are doing something that is so rare in the world of churches that I have never heard of it being done. We've looked for a book to help us understand the process and couldn't find one maybe we will have to write one, ha!

We are joining with another church.

Not a merge or takeover...joining.

The Creek Church will be joining with Northwest Community Church and partnering with them under one building for the purpose of making Jesus more famous in our community and in the world.

Because really...why do the very same thing 2.6 miles from each other?
That makes the kind of sense that doesn't.

Two churches.
Not competing.
But working together on the same team for the same goal.

Better together.

For more info on our new location visit here.

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