thursday thoughts (and worth your time)

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It's been such a great week around here.

Funny how a little change of routine can make for a nice diversion from the normal weekly stresses. I have so enjoyed the 3 kids I've had...and this may sound weird, but I feel like they've enjoyed me too. I've been able to be the mom that I want to be all the time...relaxed, spontaneous, fun, saying yes more than no...

We went to the Zoo this week.

How perfect is this picture, right?!

Our first trip ever and it was lovely.

First of all, the weather was perfect, 72 and sunny.

Secondly, I went with a friend and her little ones and had a blast with them.

Thirdly, watching my boys in amazement over the animals was awesome! Eli especially has quite the interest in animals and it was so fun to watch him enjoying himself. Ezra liked the animals, but he really liked conquering the rocks along the paths of the zoo. Little Zoe did great too, even if every animal is a "doggie" to her.

I can't believe that tomorrow starts February.  January has seemed to inch along and fly by all at the same time.

I've read two blog articles this week that have really reverberated in my head. Worth your time to read, if you will:

What's the big deal about Caylee Anthony? over at It's Almost Naptime.

Brave Moms Raise Brave Kids over at Jen Hatmaker's blog.

Look what I discovered popping up in our front flower bed this week...

Spring is on its way, folks!

Happy Thursday!
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