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Thursday already!?
Anyone else?

Snow rumors in these parts of the woods do funny things to people.

Not to be a debbie downer, but I will probably poop my pants if I actually look out the window tomorrow morning and see white stuff on the ground. We never actually get snow when they call for it.

Jeremiah and I have discussed things and agree that no matter the hour, if there is white stuff falling from the sky we are waking our kids up and throwing them out in it.

I should probably be ready with the video camera for that, huh.

We have had a great week of school. Man, I needed a great week of school.

At the moment my boys are supposed to be "resting."
It literally sounds as if there is a herd of elephants bouncing off the walls of their bedroom.

Why do rainy grey days sap my energy but exponentially expand my kids energy?

Somebody enjoyed the mud puddles that all the rain brought!

I remember one babysitter that my parents used one time my entire childhood, besides my grandparents.

My kids have had three different babysitters this week alone.

I'm still deciding if that is a good thing or bad thing or a to be decided thing. I do know that I love that we have such a good support system for our family and kids. That is a blessing I don't take lightly.

Speaking of blessings...

Zoe learned how to say no this week. "NO, NO!" to be more exact as she doesn't really say it but yells it. Mostly at Ezra if he even looks in her general vicinity. The boy has gotta learn to give her some space. Especially as I think she might end up bigger than him one day and he will regret all the picking he did to her while she was still smaller than him.

Off to go round up a herd of elephants.

Happy Thursday!

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Tasha Via said...

So, did you poop in your pants, ha?!