Let's do this, 2013!

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I'm always so grateful for a clean slate every year, aren't you?!

I love January's, Mondays, and mornings...for the new beginnings and opportunities they present. The promise of God's mercies being new every morning is so incredibly amazing.

And my, oh my...how I need it.

I'll keep it simple and non-verbose this year.
Shocker, I know.
I'm a little late in posting these this year, but what can I say...Jan 2013 has started with a bang!

Here goes, my 2013 goals:

Read through the Bible again, continue to make the Word a priority in my days (and thus, my life).

Homeschool well.

Make a big deal out of our 10th anniversary.

Keep up my current level of fitness and push myself in new ways (run a 5k?).

Push myself to get better and better behind my camera.

Prioritize relationships over a ____________ (clean house, schedule, "me" time).

See, I told you I was keeping it simple.

Let's do this, 2013!

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