lucky #7

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No lie, I have 6 different posts started before this one.

Started, but not finished.
I just can't seem to wrap them up all nice and pretty.
And I really like things wrapped up all nice and pretty, ya know.

Instead, you will get the mess of mush emanating from what was formerly referred to as my brain.
You are welcome.

Zoe had her 15 month check up this morning.
Only she isn't 15 months. Or 16 months.
Oh well.
99% is where my girl is hanging out in the height percentile.
What in the world is up with my girls being so tall?

I took Ella with me as moral support for the Zooble only to have it backfire and Ella end up in tears over her sisters tears at the poking and prodding. So sad. So sweet.

Jeremiah and I went on a double date over the weekend and went bowling. Fun, fun. For me at least, as I broke a record of bowling my highest score ever. Not that I bowl all that much. Or ever. So it really didn't take much to break a non-existent high score.

Jeremiah...well, lets just say he had an off night.

Our double date friends were actually former students of ours. Students who are now grown. Married. Involved in student ministry now as the leadership.

Makes me so proud.

One of our other former students (and beloved babysitter) just announced her decision to move to Haiti full time as a missionary. You can read her story here, and perhaps offer some encouragement as she steps out in a faith in a big way!

Getting to see the impact of your time in a students life is an amazing gift. I love our life and what we do.

I made these oh my goodness so so so yummy chicken meatball teriyaki pineapple shish-kabobs the other night. I love me some shish-kabobs. Wish I could get my kids to be as excited about them as I am. 

We made it through our first week of a full school schedule last week. Some moments weren't so pretty, but we did it. This week promises to be better. 

And with that, I'm off to go print off some work sheets. 

C'est la vie, lucky #7 post. 
I actually finished it!

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