Not Me Monday

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I did not wait till the last minute and have to run out to wal-mart an hour before kick-off on Super bowl Sunday.

That would just be the stupidest idea ever, right.
Because everyone knows how crazy that place would be, with a line for the fried chicken wrapped all the way to the back of the store. Somewhat true story.

Therefore, I did not load up my cart with only the items written on my list and head to get in line.

And I didn't wait in line for 20 minutes...

And I didn't count up all the items in the carts ahead of me and wonder why the "15 items or less" sign seemed to be just a mere suggestion to everyone else.

Upon finally reaching the hallowed ground of the conveyor belt I did not realize that I did not have my wallet on my person.

I did not have to explain my situation to the not so happy with me cashier and leave my cart in the customer service corral and call Jeremiah.

He did not have to load up all four children and bring me my wallet.

And I certainly would have learned my lesson from such an experience and did not repeat the exact same scenario one week later at Target.

Yeah...not me. 

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Anne said...

Maybe attach a tiny purse with ID, one credit card, and $20 to your key chain? I've not done this, no, not me! Had to call my husband from Trader Joe's when I noticed I'd taken off without my purse. He, lovely man, understood without saying that I was not going to drive the roads home to get my driver license. Maybe I need to go back to my rule of never putting my car keys in my pocket, but keeping them in my purse.

Ivy said...

I was at walmart then too. CRAZY. never again.