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Ella is in a stage where she cares only about comfort in her clothes.
Clashing patterns are of no concern...comfort is KING.
Boots that are literally falling apart...can't be thrown away because they are "so comfy Mom!"

What can you do?!

At least she rocks her lack of style with style...

Work it, work it!
So, just when we thought the coast was clear...I fell to the dreaded stomach bug this week. I couldn't believe it as almost 2 weeks had passed since the last child had succumbed?! Perhaps it was a different bug?

Anyways, it came on rather sudden and Jeremiah was at the office in the middle of a staff meeting and I knew I was on my own until the meeting was over. I told Ella she was boss till Daddy got home...and goodness, did she deliver! I gave her no instructions other than to make sure everyone stayed inside and alive, ha!

She took care of Zoe all morning for me, fed her breakfast, cleaned her up, played with her, did school with the boys (seriously!), and even read to them and set them up with a movie and snack. 

She may not be able to match an outfit to save her life, but she was a lifesaver!

I'm back to the land of the living again and ready to resume my role as head honcho, but it's good to know I have a very capable 2nd in command should things fall apart again.

Ok, here's where I whine about the weather and all my northern friends just shake their heads and click their tongues in disgust at me because they know I really have nothing to whine about...

I'm ready for Spring.
So ready!
I'm tired of all the grey days and the rain...oh, the rain.
My backyard is literally a swamp. An alligator would make himself at home back there.
My vitamin D levels are deficient, I need some sunshine!

Hasta la vista February...don't let the door hit you on the way out!

I have been busying updating my website the last few weeks and I am finally (mostly) up to date again...give or take about 6 photo sessions to upload. But, I'm happy with it, and that's all that matters, right!

Happy Thursday!

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Okay, I am seriously impressed with Ella! I am the oldest sister, so I know what it's like to be the "mother hen," but she brought that to a whole new level!

P.S. I know that family!!

mommajeane said...

I am very proud of Ella…way to love on your family and especially mommy Ella.