the end of the world and a valentines recap

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It's the end of the world here.
Otherwise known as a stomach bug.

It was just Ella for five days...and we made the mistake of letting our guard down. Jeremiah and I were thoroughly enjoying our last episode of season 1 of Downton Abbey when we heard the splatter sound come from upstairs.

And come and come and come.

Seriously people, it was like the Armageddon of throw up.
For some reason after throwing up all over the hallway and our bedroom Ezra decided that it would be a good idea to jump into the bathtub and throw up in there too. All over the bathtub toys. Just for good measure, ya know.

I literally walked up the stairs and looked around and started hysterically laughing.

Its a better alternative to crying.

Back to Downton Abbey...
I had heard so much talk about it. Some friends love it, some friends think its boring...and I was just hesitant to even try it because of all the hype. But then we tried it. And we're hooked.

We had a lovely I love you day yesterday.
I love I love you day.
I'd even call it my #2 favorite holiday, behind Easter and before Christmas.

There is no pressure, there are no gifts to buy, no hullabaloo...just getting to be creative and sweet trying to express your love to those in your life.

Although I am rather sad that we have to cancel our romantic overnight date tonight because of the blasted stomach bug.

A picture of our lovely traditional valentines day breakfast...

Here's to lots of laundry today...

Happy Friday!
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