zoe elizabeth:18 months

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8 teeth.
1 mullet.
12 hours of sleep at night.
2 hours of napping in the afternoon. (usually)
3 squares a day.
Dozens of "nacks" a day.

Loves babies, books, wrestling, and running away from me.
Is still dangerously at risk of becoming spoiled by her siblings because they give in to her every whim. 
Is in the 99% for height and 85% for weight. 
Yeah, on second thought...maybe her siblings are smart because she is going to be able to beat them up one day. Soon.
Can say lots of words...baby, Ella, shoes, mess, outside, night-night, cookie, poopie, eyes...
Can sing (the tune of) three songs...Clean up time, Shake Your Groove Thing, and You are My Sunshine. Don't judge on that middle one.

Lights up our world.

Zoe Elizabeth,

     You are sweet and sassy and just plain awesome. It goes without saying that I love you! And I am really liking the you you I see emerging out of babyhood. I love being your Momma. You are nothing but blessing to all who know you. I still eat up those rare nights when you let me rock you to sleep...and I nuzzle the sweet spot of the crease of your neck and breathe you in...deep, deep, deep. 

Happy 18 months!


Your Momma
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mommajeane said...

She is such a grown up girl now. I love her sweet smile with those big , dark brown eyes with so much expression.

Kelly Via said...

She is so precious! I enjoy reading her "updates;" she's growing so quickly! Love her sweet photos!