(not me monday, sorta) and most likely to be voted president

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On this day of Presidents.

Of which I did not forget about and of course planned a creative and academically challenging school day entirely around this significant holiday.


I was thinking about my four children.
A common thing of mine, to do.
Four very different children.
Four very amazing, but very different children.

I wondered which one would be most likely to end up as president.

Ella, although aptly adequate at issuing orders, does not like the limelight...so I would have to count her out.

Ezra is a born leader who has yet to meet a stranger. However he dances to the beat of his and only his drum...so, yeah, he is probably out too.

Eli, flexible and friendly with a winning smile and the right color of skin to win the black vote is a pretty good option. And, he loves to dress up...so perhaps wearing a suit every day would not be too big of an issue for him. However, I am afraid his inability to treat serious situations seriously might prohibit him a bit from being taken seriously. Seriously.

That leaves Zoe.

Strong, a bit of a bully, and not afraid to use her big brown eyes for her advantage...yeah, she's a real contender.

Only time will tell...

I took this photo yesterday afternoon on my phone,
as I watched Zoe totally beat her sister and neighborhood friend in just dance.
Just Dance dominance first, then comes the presidency.

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