thursday thoughts (a day early)

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What, can I say...busy times around these parts.

Jeremiah and Ella made it back from their trek to Florida, bringing family with them for us to enjoy for the weekend! Enjoy we did...

We ventured to the park one afternoon for a mini-family photo session. Too cute are they, huh.
This week I have embarked on the great toy purge of 2013...

It consists of me dumping every single toy basket in the house into one big pile and meticulously re-sorting everything back into their proper homes, throwing away broken toys, and reuniting missing families. Let it be noted that Polly Pocket has her wardrobe back in order.

It does this body good to go through a toy purge.

It was motivated by tomorrows Kids Exchange consignment sale that I always sell and shop at. My mom and sister come down and we have a great big shopping party all day long. Love it!

I may or may not have come to tears as I sorted through the few remaining baby things...
Where did the time go?

The Lord listened to my plea for great weather to help occupy the children while I purged this week and man, we have tasted and seen that Spring is gonna be great this year. Zoe is at such a fun fun stage...

Happy Wednesday!
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