pasta a la spaghetti of saturday

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I know I haven't blogged all week.
What can I say...well, actually nothing. It hasn't been a terribly busy, or stomach bug filled, or travel away kind of week. I just didn't.

I did read a lot this week.
I am in the middle of four books at the moment, which is really out of character for how I like to read. But then again, this was a slightly out of character week for me.

The one book that is really blowing me away this week should have been read about 3 years ago:

I know a lot of adoptive families have written book recommendations, and this one is always in I know why. I'll throw my hat in with everyone then and recommend that anyone who is interested in adoption or has adopted should read it.

I did throw a birthday party for Eli this week.

He explicitly wanted a "boy only" party and had 4 friends/cousins he wanted to invite and requested a captain america cake. That's it. I love how happy this sweet boy is with just the simplest things...


My parties will never be pinterest worthy, but Eli was happy and that's enough for me.

I have also been soaking in the Holy Week activities with the family and by myself, but more to come on that after Easter Sunday.

Ella took her first "official" standardized test this week. I was able to proctor it and while I have no idea how she did, nor do I really care...I already know what she is strong at and what she needs extra practice was a positive first testing experience for the both of us. 

My sister and brother in law welcome home their two new little ones from Ghana on Monday!

And on that note, I gotta run to a photo shoot this morning...

Happy Saturday and Happy Easter!

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