homeschool: February, part 2 (100th day of school!)

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The day we had been counting towards all year...100th day!
It finally arrived...and I woke up with a stomach bug. 

Therefore, technically we celebrated our 100th day of school on our 102nd day of school. 
But shhh...don't tell the kids. 

There are a hundred gabjillion resources out there for 100th day. Seriously. And it might be possible that I over planned for the day. And it might be said that if I have to count to 100 again anytime soon I might just bang my head into the wall. 

That said, our 100th (102nd) day was awesome!

We started off making a 100th day snack mix...ten groups of 10 snacks. This was their favorite activity of the entire day. Probably because I included chocolate chips, marshmallows, m&m's, and jelly beans...sugar high, anyone?!

We timed how long it would take us to jump 100 times, we measured how tall a stack of 100 books was, we predicted how  full an empty bottle would get with 100 drops of water, etc.

We ventured out front to see how far 100 steps would take us...

The boys and Ella went in different directions (of course)...but here's where the boys 100 steps took them. Our house is the one with the blue swagger wagon in the driveway =)

The number 100 became a flower and some glasses on a silly face.

Ella's drawing of 100 bugs.

Ezra's monster with 100 eyeballs, 100 hairs, and 100 teeth.

They had to make lego creations using 100 lego's. Obviously, Ella was experiencing some distress over all the out loud counting going on, ha!

And, of course...we read a lot of 100th day books.

100 days down...not much longer to go!
(It's possible I am getting very very excited for a summer break...)
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mommajeane said...

Love your ideas and it looks like the kids did too.