homeschool: February, part 1 (burnin' love day!)

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For the shortest month of the year, we fit a big amount of school into it.
So much so, that I'm afraid I will have to break this up into three segments.

Now, I believe I have written enough in the past about my belief to keep it real about my homeschool. I am no supermom, super homeschooler, or have superkids! These posts are not meant to be boastful or braggy in any way, shape, or form. They are merely a really good way for me to document what we have covered, pass on any good ideas I have discovered, and hopefully encourage any mom out there that homeschooling can be fun!

There...I feel better.

Moving on...

It's no secret that I love Valentine's Day! And I'm always looking for an excuse excited to take a break from our normal curriculum and fill the day with not so traditional ways of learning. This year we turned the sugary treat of candy hearts into some fun science and math lessons on our I love you day.
We formulated our hypotheses and then discovered what temperature of water dissolved a candy heart the fastest, and how long it took each differing temperature to dissolve it. For the record it takes a candy heart 1 hour in hot water, 12 hours in room temperature water, and over 24 hours in cold water. But you don't have to take our word for it...try it out yourself! 

Graphing, patterns, addition, subtraction, division, and guesstimating...who knew candy hearts had it in them?!
We'd been studying the layers of the earth and volcano's all month, so the "burning up with love day" seemed an opportune one to try out a homemade volcano! It didn't disappoint. And led to some good discussions on actions/reactions, etc.

Part 2 to come later this week...
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