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Well people, its that time of year again...time to break open a new bottle of Claritin.
Ah, spring allergies.

The one good thing about pregnancy for me (besides the baby, of course) was that for some reason it diminished my allergies by 90%, and as long as I was still nursing my allergies were a good 75% better than normal.

Weird, huh.

But no, sadly...that is not enough reason to get myself knocked up again.

Speaking of knocking kids have been all about some knock-knock jokes this week.
My favorite one from Ella:


Knock, Knock                                

Who's there?
Wildebeest who?
Wildebeest be dining alone tonight?


I have tried 2 new recipes this week, and have another new one planned for tomorrow night. Thank you pinterest. I was feeling in a rut cooking-wise and needed some new ideas...and so far all have been good. #1 was a pesto chicken crock pot meal, #2 was a spinach tortellini sausage crock pot soup, and #3 is a shrimp, quinoa, black bean, corn, and avocado one pot dish. Recipes to come, perhaps?...

Last Friday Jeremiah and I were syncing up our calendars (ah, my love language...) when we realized that we didn't have another free weekend together until the middle of May! Yikes! We threw caution to the wind, packed up all four kids and were headed on a road-trip to Charlotte within one hour. We had no plans, no agenda, no booked hotel room...and we had SO.MUCH.FUN!

Seriously, it was the most fun I've had in a long time.
(please excuse the lack of quality photos...i didn't even bring the good camera!)

Now that even Zoe is turning into a traveling feels as though we have entered a whole new exciting stage! I'm loving it. This summer is going to be awesome!

Another new kick my kids have been on is sort of a blast from my past...remember Adventures in Odyssey? Well, some of you might. I grew up listening to them, and now my kids are all about them. I'm nerding out on you, but I totally feel as though I'm reconnecting with long lost family or something listening to these stories again, ha!

These next few days are jam packed with activities, photo shoots, a date night (yay!), nannying, and a trip for me and the kids up to my moms...I'm already tired (and excited) thinking about it all.

Happy Thursday!

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mommajeane said...

We can't wait for your visit !

Stacey said...

Those are GREAT pics!! Such fun! Good for you.