2013 Holy Week

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It's here, it's here!!!

My favorite week of the whole year... affectionately termed Holy Week around here.

You can check out how it got started here.
Then check out what we did on previous years here and here and here and here.

Easter is my favorite holiday...heck, its my favorite day of the entire year. 
As a follower of Christ, without Easter...why even be a follower of Christ?!

And I say it every year...who cares about Christmas without Easter.

As the kids get older and their understanding grows, it is even more meaningful to have these family times that have become traditions to them...hopefully sealing into their hearts how significant this holiday is. 

Here are a few pictures of holy weeks in the past...and of course, look for some more pictures of this week to come later in the week! 

"New life seeds" 2009

"New life seeds" 2010

Cross crafts, 2011

Family devotions, 2012

Our sedar and foot washing ceremony, 2012

New life seeds, 2012

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