swiftly fly the years: Eli Cade turns 6

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Sweet, sweet Eli Cade.
Not a tiny little toddler with a too big belly and matchstick limbs.
He's taller now, and getting that lanky gangly older boy look to him.

He still has the softest skin I've ever felt.
His gentleness with Zoe is heart melting.
He loves movies.
He loves salsa.
He loves his family.
He doesn't like the dark.
He loves costumes and dressing up.
He loves to stealthily irritate his siblings.
He loves to help...unload groceries, fold laundry, entertain Zoe...you name it, he will do it! With a smile.
The only two foods I can think of that he doesn't like are avocado's or coconut.
He loves puzzles.
He is a master at temple run on the ipad.

6 photo's for 6 years are in order...

Eli means "God has uplifted"...and it is so fitting for him because the challenges he has overcome (and is overcoming) are nothing short of miracles. I'm like a broken record when I say that nothing in my entire life has taught me more about my need for the Lord and the character of my God than adopting Eli.

Eli Cade,

I prayed this morning that you would know way down deep in your "knower" how much you are loved on this special day...loved by God, by your Ella, Ezra, Zoe, by your Daddy...and by me. I've read a lot about how adopted children struggle with an internal sense of shame...and I want nothing else for you than for you to know how incredibly special you are in the eyes of your family and the Lord. You are uniquely created for a purpose...and your short 6 years of life have been filled with a purpose beyond your knowledge. One day I hope to share with you the amazing way the Lord worked through your story to encourage so many others. You bring laughter and joy to this family with your silliness and crazy faces and booty shaking dances. 

You are my special blessing from God. 

I love you to the moon and back!

Your Momma

Happy happy birthday sweet Eli Cade!
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Erin Snyder said...

When you mentioned yesterday that someone was turning 6, I just assumed it was Ella. How in the world is she older than 6?!? And there's no way Eli is already six. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELI!!
Seriously softest skin and sweetest smile!

mommajeane said...

Happy Birthday sweet Eli…so glad we got to celebrate with you when you were up….Love you.

time flies, sweet man. love this.