of March's past...

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Sometimes, when I'm feeling sentimental and nostalgic...
Or had a bad day with the kids and need to be reminded that this too shall pass...
I look through old photo's. 

I usually end up realizing that so much has passed. So quickly. 
And I feel like cherishing these fleeting moments with my blessings once again. 

I won't reveal which one of the above scenario's had me looking through old photo files this day, you can just take your pick. 

Please excuse me while I go take a walk down a March memory lane...

Big brown eyes, March 2012

My charmer, March 2010

Lover of the little creatures, March 2010

Our beginning jumper, March 2011

Smiley McSmileyson, March 2012

Diggers of treasure, March 2010

Dimples, March 2009

The Zoe bump, March 2011

Just learning about the wonders of the grass, March 2012

Sweet baby Ella who is not a baby anymore, March 2007

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Pam said...

Love this post and love the reminder of looking back to remember those moments that pass too quickly! Know what else I love...the pics of Ella and Ezra's younger years are SO DIFFERENT than the latter. My poor Katelyn and Zachary have "snapshots" for sure...sweet Maddy gets more of an artistic folder of portraits, ha!!

Tasha Via said...

So sweet Jenn!

Sorry you had a bad day. Way to redeem the frustration into sweet memories and anticipation:) Love you!