thursday thoughts

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Somebody in our family is turning 6 tomorrow.

How in the world?!

This week was a blur as I made a quick but fun trip up to my moms to get in some family togetherness. We left 75 degree North Carolina weather and drove up to this...

How bout that.

While we were up visiting, my sister Mary Kate and her family got the news that the last step was complete in their adoption (their visa appointment) and they could make plans to go pick them up next weekend! I am now the proud Aunt to a niece and nephew from Ghana.

Sweet Milo (2) and Abigail (7). I can't wait to meet you!

For school this week Ella had to write how many uncles and aunts she had in one of her textbooks. It took us a while to get the complete number, but adding in our Via uncles and aunts, the girl has 43! That has got to be a record somewhere?!

I am taking off again tomorrow, sans kids, for a weekend getaway with ladies from my church. It just so happens that the destination is my favorite place in the world...the beach. Here's hoping the only white stuff I see on this trip is sand!

Happy Thursday!
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