2 days, turning 32, checking out, busting my bootay, and a lovely visit

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I leave for my honeymoon anniversary trip in TWO days!!!!

I turn 32 years old today. Officially "into" my 30's. So far, I have to say...I am loving this decade.

I have been neglectful of this blog and of taking "real" pictures of my children because I have been very busy taking photos of other children and busting my bootay to get all caught up on editing. 

However, as of last night...I am done. 
All caught up. 
And can check out...right?!

Or maybe not.
I do have four children to care for, for the next two days.

Little L...so sweet and curious of her world.

The Fergie family whom I've come to know and love and their how can she be 9 month old Ellison.

In other news, my in-laws are here for a very quick (but very enjoyed!) visit! They've been mostly in Haiti over the last 6 months and my kids were over the moon excited to see their grandparents.

In other other news Zoe has learned to say the word booger.

I think because her big brother (on the ok of his PawPaw no less) came home from the dollar store with fake boogers.

Warning: The following picture is not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs.

Thanks PawPaw! 

In other other other news, Ella and I got to participate in an event at Spoonflower (an amazing cool place right here in Durham!) and work alongside some very talented women to sew pillowcase dresses for Haiti. We had fun, we finished 20 dresses, and I found a new cool creative place to want to just sit in and absorb the creative juices floating in the air over there.


In other other other other news I am more excited than I should be about my birthday pedicure.  Flip flop weather is here and these feet need some help!

Two days people! Two days!

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mommajeane said...

Happy birthday to my favorite 32 yr old- I saw Eli 's pic yesterday on fb and wondered what that was- silly guy. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. Love you.

Tasha Via said...

Have fun sweet friend! Much deserved I'd say:)

Let your sister know she can call us if she needs ANYTHING!