not me monday: daddy's gone edition

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My hubby and his team hard at work helping a stuck truck on the crazy roads in Haiti yesterday.

My children did not tell the sketchy random stranger that showed up at the house to offer a free house painting estimate that their Daddy was out of town for the entire week.

I did not try to make up for their safety guffaw by working the words pit bull, security system, and armed and dangerous into the rest of my conversation with him. Which is kinda hard to do, I gotta admit. I'm sure I seemed a bit skitzo to him, but I think that all probably added to the effect I was going for.

I did not have all my children bathed, pajama-ed, and fed dinner by...5:30pm last night. I thought for sure it was 7:30. Therefore, it was not a very very very long night last night.

I do not stay up way too late when my husband is not home watching guilty pleasure tv shows.

And I definitely do not keep an extra stash of dark chocolate for such occasions. Because dark chocolate tastes better when eaten in front of bad tv. With my pit bull sitting at my feet, my alarm system armed, and my .22 magnum mini revolver at my side, of course.

Nope. Not me.

(I did not have to google the name of a gun...)

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