Recap: Easter 2013

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Despite the risk of sounding cliche' and cheesy...
I can't help but say that this Easter was just glorious! 

Celebrating our Savior's empty tomb, rejoicing with our church family at North West Community Church, family time with our Via family filled with egg hunting and yummy food...the day was nothing short of perfect! 

Individually, in their Easter finery. Cuteness overload.

Collaboratively, in their Easter finery. Chaos and fun always ensues...and blurry pictures.

I bet you thought the picture before this one had a lot of kids, huh. Now...not so much
All the Via cousin's together. This is about the best you are going to get with 18 little ones under the age of 8.

I just happened to be on this side of the TV during the Duke game and caught this shot of the adults reactions to the horrible injury Kevin Ware suffered. 

Sweet girl was excited to partake in her first official egg hunt.
Apparently pinecones are quite tricky little egg impostors to her.
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Tasha Via said...

Gosh, whose house were you at?! They really need to do something with their lawn, ha!

Your photos are great. Zoe is so stinkin' photogenic!